Ready to roll: Dads of the World rides again

By: Andrew


Dads of the World is a website for dads, by dads. It existed a couple of years ago and then we became busy with other things (life, eh?).

But now, like the Backstreet Boys, Arnie in Terminator II, and the Count of Monte Cristo, we’re back. And we’re bad (as in good). Our cultural references aren’t quite up to date and our hair is a bit thin from all those sleepless nights trying to figure out what’s up with our little ones, but our hearts are in the right places: with our families and the people we care for.

We now have a forum area, which didn’t exist before. This use of tech nearly half a century old marks a bold, progressive step for us. But really, we just wanted to have a place to chat.

We like to talk about our kids, teenagers and adult kids – and how best to be a dad to all of them. We also like to talk about non-family stuff, like work, cars, sport, computers, books, films, computer games, politics, sharks, dogs, travel, property, shopping (contrary to popular mythology, guys do like to shop – we just do it one item at a time), even the weather.

And everyone is welcome here. You could be a kid, a mum, a carer, a teacher or a crazed step-dad intent on turning his new-found progeny into professional tennis players (they’reonly going to rebel, but good luck anyway).

Seriously, if you care about others, you’re welcome here. And just so you know: because you care, you’re already doing a great job. You’re a super dad. And we hope you’ve got the coffee mug to prove it.