Got ya! Prank ideas for dads to get a laugh from their kids

By: Andrew
Dad laughing because kids have pranked him


Looking for ways to get your kids laughing? Want to spread the Elf on the Shelf mischief throughout the year? Or just need some general prank ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Pranks are a fun way for parents to bond with their kids and create lasting, laugh-filled memories. But always be mindful of your children’s sensitivities and ensure that your pranks are light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone involved. You’re not out to scare anyone. The goal with all these prank ideas is to have fun and create positive, lasting memories with your family.

  1. Remote control magic: Use a spare remote control to “control” the TV when the kids are watching it. Change the channels, volume, or even turn it off mysteriously, pretending to have magical powers.
  2. Switcheroo remote control: Cover the remote control sensor with a small piece of opaque tape. When your kids try to use the remote, it won’t work. Offer to “fix” it by removing the tape and watch their confusion.
  3. Fake spider attack: Place a fake spider on your shoulder or in your hair and wait for your kid to react.
  4. Toothpaste Oreos: Take apart Oreo cookies. Then, scrape off the cream and replace it with white toothpaste. Offer them to the kids and share a good laugh when they realise.
  5. Balloon avalanche surprise: Rig a balloon avalanche above your kids’ bedroom doors using rubbish bags filled with balloons. When they open the door in the morning, they’ll be greeted with a cascade of balloons.
  6. The soap that won’t lather: Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish. When your kids try to use it, they’ll be puzzled as to why it won’t lather.
  7. Frozen cereal: Freeze a bowl of cereal (without the milk) overnight. In the morning, offer it to the kids, and watch their surprise as they try to figure out why the cereal won’t budge.
  8. Fake spider in a box of cereal: Cut out a spider shape from black paper and put it inside a box of cereal. When your kid opens the box, they’ll be surprised to see the spider inside!
  9. Fake phone call: Pretend to take a call from a fictional character or a celebrity and involve the kids in a fake conversation. Play along and make it as amusing as possible. This works well with a call from Santa. Probably the most fun of all these prank ideas.
  10. Reverse door signs: Change the signs on your children’s bedroom doors, so they have each other’s names. Watch as they try to figure out why their rooms have magically swapped.
  11. Fake spider in a lampshade: Cut out a spider shape from black paper and stick it inside a lampshade. When your kid turns on the light, they’ll see the spider’s shadow and freak out!
  12. Fake parking ticket: Print out a fake parking ticket and stick it on your kid’s bike or scooter. Watch them panic and then laugh when they realise it’s a joke.
  13. Fake spilled milk: Glue a plastic cup to a saucer and fill it with white glue. When your kid spills it, they’ll be surprised to see that it doesn’t make a mess!
  14. Fake dog poop: Make fake doggy doo by mixing oats with water and shaping your creation into a poop-like formation. Leave it on the floor and watch your kid’s reaction when they see it.
  15. Fake broken phone screen: Take a screenshot of a cracked phone screen and set it as the wallpaper on your kid’s phone. They’ll think they broke their phone and be relieved when they realise it’s just a prank.

I hope these prank ideas help. If you’re a dad pranking your kid, watch out, because you just know your kids are going to prank Dad next. That’s the think about pranks: they just keep multiplying.

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