Dad and daughter day out ideas for the UK

By: Andrew
Dad and daughter on a day out


From a day at the museum to a simple picnic in the park, the activities chosen for a dad and daughter day out are secondary to the shared experience itself. These adventures, big or small, contribute to the emotional depth of your relationship. They become stories retold, inside jokes, and the foundation for an unbreakable connection. So let’s look at some dad and daughter day out ideas that you can consider for your special time together:

Picnic in the Park:

Pack a picnic basket with your daughter’s favourite snacks and enjoy a day at the park. Bring a frisbee, a blanket, and maybe even a book to read together.

Visit a Museum:

Explore a local museum or science centre. Many museums have interactive exhibits that can be both fun and educational for children. And you can always go for tea and cake afterwards in the museum café.

Outdoor Adventure:

Go hiking, biking, or just take a walk. Spend some time outdoors on your special dad and daughter day out, appreciating nature and getting some exercise together. It might become a regular habit and a shared interest.

Arts and Craft Day:

Spend the day creating things. You can do some sketching, get into some painting, or even try your hand at DIY projects at home.

Movie Marathon:

Have a film day at home. Let your daughter pick what she wants to watch, make some popcorn and enjoy a cosy movie marathon. Or go to the cinema, if there’s something showing that you both want to watch.

Take the train somewhere:

Take a short train or road trip to a nearby town or attraction. Explore new places together and make the journey as fun as the destination. Don’t forget to buy a fridge magnet while you’re there as a memento of your special time together.

Play video games together:

Carve out some time to get seriously stuck into some video games together. Your shared digital adventures will make for an unforgettable dad and daughter day together.

Cooking Together:

Spend the day in the kitchen cooking a special meal together. Let your daughter help with the preparation and enjoy the meal you create as a team.

Visit a Zoo or Aquarium:

Spend the day exploring your nearest zoo or aquarium. It’s not only entertaining but also provides an opportunity to learn about different animals.

Sports Day:

Play a sport together, whether it’s table tennis, tennis, football, or just going for a jog. You could also attend a local match or competition.

Library Day:

Visit the library and spend time reading together. Choose some books to read aloud or find a comfy corner to enjoy your own selections. Highly recommended.

Science Experiment Day:

Conduct simple and fun science experiments at home. There are loads of easy and safe experiments that you can do.

Photography Excursion:

Go on a photography adventure. Give your daughter a camera (or use your phone) and capture moments together while exploring your surroundings.

Visit a Castle or Cathedral:

Explore your nearest castle or cathedral. There’s nothing like stepping into history to create a great day out.

London Eye and Thames River Cruise:

Spend a day in London with a ride on the London Eye for breathtaking views of the city, followed by a leisurely Thames River cruise.

Harry Potter Studio Tour:

If your daughter is a Harry Potter fan, a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London offers an immersive experience into a magical world.

Beach Day:

Head to your nearest beach – even if the weather isn’t perfect. You can enjoy a day of sandcastle building, picnicking, and, of course, some fish and chips by the sea.

Eden Project in Cornwall:

Explore the Eden Project, a fascinating botanical garden with giant biomes showcasing different climates and plant life.

The Natural History Museum in London:

Spend a day at London’s Natural History Museum, where you can discover a vast collection of exhibits, including dinosaur fossils and interactive displays.

Punting in Cambridge:

Enjoy a relaxing day punting on the River Cam in Cambridge. It’s a peaceful and scenic activity with beautiful views of the historic colleges.

Jorvik Viking Centre in York:

Explore Viking history at the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. The interactive exhibits provide a glimpse into life during the Viking era. Check out our other ideas for a day out with the kids in York >


Visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon. Explore the Tudor-style home, stroll along the River Avon, and enjoy the cultural atmosphere.

National Space Centre in Leicester:

If your daughter is interested in space, the National Space Centre in Leicester is a fantastic destination with interactive exhibits and a planetarium.

Belfast Titanic Experience:

Explore the Titanic Experience in Belfast, where you can learn about the history of the Titanic through interactive displays and artifacts.

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh:

Spend a day at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, exploring the beautiful gardens and greenhouses with a wide variety of plants from around the world.